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Praja Vani receives 22,000 complaints Four crore women travel freely in RTC buses

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Govt will frame guidelines after data collection; No need for pensioners to apply again: Ponnam Prabhakar
Transport and BC Welfare Minister Ponnam Prabhakar Goud has revealed that 4 crore women utilised the Mahalakshmi Free Bus Scheme introduced by the Telangana government on December 9 to December 25. It may be recalled that girls, women and transgender persons of all ages, who are domiciles of Telangana, are travelling free of cost in TSRTC Palle Velugu and Express buses and free travel facility is applicable up to the borders of the State. The rides are free in city ordinary and Metro Express buses.
Elated Prabhakar said that the government will implement the remaining guarantees on the basis of applications to be received from the people from December 28 to January 6. He asked the people to apply for the scheme which is suitable for them.
Prabhakar said that the government will frame the guidelines only after data collection. He said that there is no need for the pensioners to apply again for the pension. He said that the government received 22,000 applications in Praja Vani till now.
The Minister said that the Congress government will give receipts to the applications received. He said that the Congress government will implement every assurance given to the people.
Prabhakar said that the Congress government’s intention is to see that justice is be done to all people.
Meanwhile, IT and Industries Minister D Sridhar Babu said that the people are expressing their grievances freely to the officers. “We will take the 6-guarantees to the people. The officials will go to the people to collect the data in the limits of 6-Zones and 30-Circles in Hyderabad. We are keeping Team leaders along with 6-members available at 4 places in every division as the people would come in huge numbers. We are setting up special lines for women and handicapped. We gave a timetable to every ward and it will be in force from December 28 to January 6. The local public representatives will give information in wards. We implemented two guarantees within 48 hours after coming to power. The people are expressing their grievances to the officials in Praja Bhavan. We are public servants”, Sridhar Babu added.
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