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Reveal your stand on Polavaram project Sanjay demands KCR

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PNS | Hyderabad

Demanding that BRS supremo Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao should reveal his stand on the Polavaram project, Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar said that KCR mocked the people of AP during the Telangana movement saying that they eat Penda Biryani and bullocks eat Uluva Charu.

But the same KCR is trying to incite sentiments to make AP people living in Hyderabad vote for him. Sanjay said that AP businessmen are unable to do business in TS. KCR won’t care about AP people after making them vote for the BRS, he said.

Sanjay said that KCR will provoke the people of AP and Telangana after the elections citing water sharing. He said that there is no national president for the BRS but KCR has announced the president of Andhra Pradesh BRS president.

Addressing the media on Tuesday at the State BJP office, Sanjay questioned whether Bharat Bazaar can exist only in Bharat.Bharat Bazar can exist in China or any other country. Sanjay asked whether Telangana Bazaar is in Telangana? He also asked KCR whether Mysore Paak is prepared in Mysore and Irani Chai in Iran.

Sanjay said that no other politician has the ‘cheating intelligence’ of KCR and that KCR’s relationship with Telangana ended after he changed the name of the TRS to BRS. The people of Telangana are happy with the BJP, he said.

Sanjay said that there is no 24-hour electricity supply anywhere in Telangana and that the number of bore wells in the state which was 18 lakh before the formation of Telangana has now increased to 23 lakh.

He asked KCR to explain how bore wells have increased if he has provided irrigation facilities to farmers all over TS.

Sanjay said that Telangana is fifth in the country in unemployment and first in the south. He said that TS is fourth in farmer suicides.

He said that Rs 44,000 crore comes from alcohol sales in TS and that Rs 17,000 crore is left after spending the revenue from liquor for other schemes. He said that he does not understand where that money is going.

Sanjay said that there is no Aarogyasri, no fee reimbursement, no unemployment benefits and that the notification for jobs was released only with elections in mind.

He said that KCR is planning to silence the unemployed and asked how can KCR who destroyed Telangana develop the country.

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