Monday, June 17, 2024

Rs 2 L stolen from Laddu counter

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An amount of Rs 2 lakh was stolen in the Laddu complex in the wee hours of Tuesday and the culprit was traced by the TTD Vigilance officials through CC cameras. The incident took place in Counter No. 36 when a recently drafted Corporation Employee Raja Kishore kept the amount along with him and slept on the counter without locking the door. When he woke up he noticed that the cash was missing and immediately informed Security who in turn verified the CCTV footage in the Common Command Control Centre. The thief was identified as an old offender in Sitapati.

Based on the complaint, Tirumala I Town police registered an FIR and searched for the thief amount. To avoid such incidents in the future, an additional 20 security guards were immediately drafted to the Laddu complex.

Arrangements have also been made to train the counter boys who are newly drafted for the duty of handling the counters and cash with responsibility etc.

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