Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Shabad auction fetches Rs 33.06 crores

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The total revenue received through the two e-Auctions of Shabad Layout is Rs 33.06 crore.

This is more than twice the base value. The average weighted price is Rs 22,040 per sq.yd, that is, two times the base upset price with a high value of Rs 27,000 per sq.yd and a low value of Rs 18,000 per sq.yd.

The HMDA has proposed a residential layout on 100 acres 2 km from the Shabad town/village in the Shabad Mandal of RR district. A total of 50 open plots were put on e-Auction through online bidding through M/s MSTC.

The plots ranged in area from 300 sq.yds and the total area put on e-Auction in the two sessions on Tuesday is 15,000 sq.yds.

The upset price for the e-Auction was Rs 10,000 per sq.yd with bidding multiples of Rs 500 per sq.yd. The total anticipated estimated value of the saleable area as per the upset price is Rs 15 crore.

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