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Taking you through a ‘toll-free pyaar’

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An unconventional love story of two strangers who fall in love on a highway and featuring Ritvik Sahore in a pivotal role calls for a bottoms-up! During the video interaction with us, he tells us how Highway Love, a breezy five-episodic rom-com already won several hearts with positive reviews flowing from multiple corners.

The series is packed with sweet romance, a plethora of ups-downs of life, and well-equipped by the impressive performance of Ritvik Sahore. Talking about the same, he shares with us exclusively, “The scale or the grandeur of the series doesn’t matter to me. I was feeling the rush, the chase as a teenager. Back in the days, these were some of the elements that played such a major role in my life (and we all cackle up). Because this series is not overdramatic, I continued to be a part of season two!”

He had something to add on, “I am a sucker for love stories. Even an animal feels the love! There are a plethora of romantic sagas coming from the nineties, yet I don’t find anyone getting just so drilled out watching any pair romance.”

He loves watching good rom-com shows, this show just made him happy and when he read the script, he had a smile on his face. It was just something that he wanted to be a part of and of course, when he met the entire team, it was just amazing! The vision they had with the script, there was nothing to say no to. He just bounced to get on board. Moreover, “Self-discovery happened to me through acting only. I was just 12 years old when I ventured into this profession! Simultaneously, was figuring out my homework (ha-ha). My first film was Ferrari ki Sawaari with Sharman Joshi, trained myself well in cricket for my debut film. Nobody else in my family was related to this business, at all. In real life, I had always been that shy guy but on a film sets, between action and cut — I found my liberation. I was shedding my inhibitions then. In this season, I am studying to be an architect, and in reality, I don’t have the As or Bs of architecture.”

Rich with romance and aspects of companionship, we uncover some personal anecdotes too. For example, Ritvik expresses, “We drove to Himachal Pradesh: it was my chachu’s wedding. My dad decided to go for a road trip, this time! We stopped at so many dhabas. But shooting for a series is very chaotic on a highway! So many gigantic trucks were passing by in the middle of our shots. We were running out of time too because those trucks were taking their usual halts. Then, the public tried to mob us because, after all, a shooting is going on! We were busy inhaling dust at the same time (he giggles again).”

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