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‘Titles have been significant for me in my films; Om Bheem Bush has worked out really well’

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Actor Sree Vishnu, who is all set to entertain the audience with his upcoming film Om Bheem Bush, gets candid with The Pioneer, sharing interesting insights about the film over an exclusive chat.
K. Ramya Sree
Om Bheem Bush is an upcoming satirical film starring Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna in lead roles. Directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti and produced by V Celluloid (a unit of UV Creations), the film is billed to be very high on entertainment, and it will hit big screens on March 22.
We got an opportunity to interact with one of the lead actors of the film, Sree Vishnu, about the film, and here is what he had to say about the movie.

Excerpts from the interview:
Is it true that Om Bheem Bush is high on entertainment?
Om Bheem Bush is a new idea that was narrated to me. This film has a new point that no one has made so far, and instead of sticking to just one genre, we wanted to bring it to the audience in a new tone. Moreover, since the concept is very new, I believe that if a new concept is narrated in an entertaining way, the audience will first connect with the entertainment, if not with the concept, so there would be a better reaction. That’s why we made it into a complete entertainment film.

All your films have unique titles; be it Samajavaragamana or now Om Bheem Bush, is this your conscious decision?
Titles have been significant for me in all the films. I show special interest in titles because I feel they are what attract the audience in the first place. This particular title happened at the last minute, and we went by majority voting. We had a Telugu title and an English title. Most of the people on the team chose Om Bheem Bush. I feel the title has worked out very well, and I was surprised at the response the title has received.

Can you tell us a little more about the film?
Audiences will find the movie very hilarious. These kinds of stories completely depend on the artist’s performance. There are many elements in the story: mystery, thrill, and more. I wasn’t sure how all these elements would work together, that’s why I’ve focused more on the entertainment aspect in this movie, and the remaining elements will be revealed in theatres. For this movie, freshness is the key. The movie gave me a kick throughout, and I am waiting to see how the audience will react to it.
How has your bonding and acting with Rahul and Priyadarshi been on sets?
Since we were meeting regularly outside, we three did the film with pure joy, and nothing was pre-planned. All the scenes have been conversational, so the comedy you see will be very organic. My comedy timing synced very well with Rahul. Many scenes will create a blast in theatres, where the audience will jump from their seats and laugh (if you don’t search for logic in them, he laughed). I suggest you watch it in groups with friends to enjoy the film even more. Speaking of our roles, we three want to become scientists, and we will be doing a PhD. We are like kings in college. From there, we land in a village, and we try to find a treasure in that village. All these aspects are shown entertainingly.

Is there anything unforgettable about the shooting of Om Bheem Bush?
The first schedule took off with a song, and I hated filming songs in the very beginning until I got familiar with my co-stars and others. I am a little introverted that way. Moreover, I was told to give lip sync for the film. If you have seen my movies, I don’t give lip-syncs to songs. I can’t sing for some reason. Although it was difficult, I managed to pull it off.

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