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Transforming into a better and fitter version of ‘You’

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Holistic health coach Digvijay Singh’s videos will definitely motivate one to transform into a fit and healthy lifestyle with his simple and effective techniques. In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, he not only takes us through his journey, but also shares some tips for you to focus on a proper diet.

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Raised in an Army family and trained with the soldiers, Digvijay knows what the human body is capable of with the right mindset and training. A certified personal trainer, nutritionist, ayurvedic nutrition consultant, animal flow instructor, strength and conditioning coach, master yoga teacher of transformational yoga, aerial yoga instructor, Digvijay also specializes in Kettlebell, Bosu Ball, TRX and Resistance Band Training.

With over 1,50,000 followers on Instagram, Digvijay has always had a deep-rooted sense of belonging with athleticism and intentional nutrition. By the virtue of being involved with various sports and physical activities since childhood, he says, “I noticed how it gives you an edge that transcends beyond the physical benefits, it’s like a domino effect where it greatly influences the emotional well-being as well.

Thus encompassing the overall health and wellness of an individual. I had gained a plethora of knowledge and the benefits and the influence of a healthy lifestyle purely from my life experience alone which was later solidified with formal education and recognition.”

In fact, during his school days, he had overcome bronchitis with the help of a holistic lifestyle after he tweaked his diet, sleep, workout, and nutrition. This shift had such a profound effect on him that he decided to follow his passion, and make it his life’s mission to spread this knowledge to the whole world, making a larger impact.

Digvijay was always passionate about educating people about sustainable ways of living a healthy life. And, So becoming a health coach was the best way of doing that.Talking about his inspiration, he says, “I look up to a lot of notable sportspersons. The likes of Virat Kohli, Dhoni, Lebron James, late Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan, who have bio hacked their bodies and mind to attain a very superior level of physique and overall fitness.”

“I practice what I preach,” says the holistic coach stating that a shift in mindset that developed over time with a consistent gain of applied knowledge was what  he had gained.
His posts on social media are filled with these amazingly healthy and delicious food recipes too. So can we say cooking is also your passion?

He says, “I love creating tasty food. I believe healthy food can be as tasty as commercially mass-produced options. So, I frequently develop alternative recipes for everyday favorites like pizzas, crisps, etc so that more and more people can experience that healthy can be tasty too.”

Apart from being a holistic coach, Digvijay has a lot of feathers in his cap including nutritionist, animal nutrition consultant, animal flow instructor et. al.  Sharing about how he manages all of it together, he says, “These have been inculcated into my day to day living over a period of time so it’s effortless for me. I practice all of it in my everyday life and it’s a part of me at a subconscious level. I believe that there is endless potential to learn and develop oneself.”

Not having access to the food your body needs leads to grumpy attitudes and discontentment. You might snap at people and not know why. Animals react in the same way.

Without a proper diet of protein, carbs, and healthy fats, animals begin to sour in their temperament. However, many ignore the type of nutrition one should provide their pets. To this, the animal nutritionist says, “Humans and pets are very different. Food can differ on the basis of species, weight etc. I would suggest consulting a certified vet. I believe there is a lot to learn about pets as people end up giving them what they generally eat.

Good nutrition can increase the lifespan of the pets and the wrong things like chocolate and sugar etc can be seriously detrimental to their health. There are a lot of aspects when it comes to animal nutrition. The entire ecosystem in which the food is cultivated/ grown like the soil, water, etc has a great impact. It’s important to note that we are what we eat. So if the animals are fed a healthy diet then the eggs, milk etc we get from them would also be of good quality.”

The health coach further also refers to your diet as the fuel for the body. Everything that you eat becomes a part of you. So now the choice is yours.

Make sure your diet is sustainable and avoid yo-yo/ fad diets at all costs.

For people who face issues while focusing on a proper diet, here are some tips for you to make your diet worth it.

First of all take it easy
–   Try to opt for healthy alternatives first instead of changing the entire diet.
– Avoid all in or all out mindset.
– There is no one diet for all
– Take a moment before you impulsively eat junk.
– Take guidance from a professional coach.
– Indian cuisine is very healthy so you don’t have to eat any special diet just be mindful of the ingredients and macro nutrients.
– Don’t try to make new recipes everyday. Try to follow easy to make recipes first.
– Stack healthy food at home and focus on controlling the portion sizes.
– Expensive food is not always healthy.
– Make sure your diet is sustainable.
– Stay away from fad diets and focus on long term.
– Avoid ultra processed food.

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