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Will continue volunteer system if voted to power, assures Naidu

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TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu has assured that the volunteer system will be maintained if the TDP gains power.
Speaking at the ‘Raa Kadali Raa’ public meeting in Penugonda in Sri Satya Sai district on Monday, Naidu assured that even in the event of the TDP-JSP alliance assuming power, the voluntary system would remain intact.
“No one will face dismissal from their roles. Volunteers can anticipate a promising future, and we are committed to treating them fairly. We urge volunteers not to align with the YSRCP in the upcoming elections,” Naidu emphasised.
Recognising the agricultural prowess of farmers in Rayalaseema, Naidu underscored their ability to achieve bumper harvests if provided with adequate water resources. He highlighted achievements during his tenure, such as the establishment of the KIA car factory in Anantapur district, which currently produces over 12 lakh cars annually and has generated more than 50,000 jobs. Naidu also mentioned the completion of the Gollapalli reservoir within 18 months.
Naidu stressed that addressing issues like water availability, investments, education, and employment would significantly alter Rayalaseema’s prospects. He asserted his commitment to addressing these concerns during his tenure as Chief Minister, citing the completion of projects worth Rs 64,000 crore in the district and the execution of various irrigation projects.
Expressing disappointment over the alleged neglect of Amaravati under the current administration, Naidu lamented its decline compared to his efforts to develop it. He criticised the incumbent Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, for what he perceived as the destruction of Amaravati.
Naidu issued a challenge to Jagan Mohan Reddy to engage in an open debate concerning the murder of his paternal uncle, YS Vivekananda Reddy. He also questioned the attendees, particularly women, about their sense of security under the current government.
Issuing a stern warning to YSRCP leaders, Naidu cautioned that severe repercussions awaited those harassing TDP activists. He emphassed the principle of cause and effect, affirming that every action would elicit a reaction.

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