Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Will retrieve funds looted by KCR family’

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PNS | Hyderabad

Targeting the KCR family, Modi said that he will place the money looted by the BRS before the public if the BJP is given a chance to rule for the next five years. He said that Telangana was created for its people and not for the KCR family.

The BJP is standing by the people of Telangana on every issue and the BJP is giving primacy to Telangana’s welfare. Addressing the Induru Jana Garjana on Tuesday at the Nizamabad Girraj College Grounds, Modi said that Telangana is now under a family’s rule and that nobody has given the KCR family the right to loot the state.
KCR, his son, daughter and nephew are looting the state and handing over all important posts to their family, the PM said.
He said that the KCR family has been looting funds sanctioned by the BJP-led Central Government for Telangana. KCR came to power due to the votes of the people, but KCR made his family rich and threw the state’s development to the wind, he added.Modi said that Gujarat’s son Sardar Vallabhai Patel liberated the people of Telangana from the clutches of the Nizam and another son of Gujarat (Modi) will provide the fruits of development to it.

He said that the Kalvakuntla family has been looting Telangana totally and that there is no place for dynastic rule in a democracy. Many sacrificed their lives for Telangana but the KCR family killed the hopes of lakhs of families in Telangana, he added.

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