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Dry eye disease affects vision: Expert

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“Dry eye disease not only affects the patient’s vision but also hampers their quality of life and work productivity leading to anxiety or depression. If it is picked up early and treated appropriately, patients with dry eyes can lead a normal and symptom-free life,” according to Ophthalmologists.

The doctors say, “Using humidifiers in winter, wearing protective eyewear while driving, taking frequent breaks while using a computer or mobile – commonly termed as 20-20-20 rule, warm compresses followed by lid massage in cases of inflammation of glands in lids, and using lubricants can help prevent the occurrence of dry eyes. But there will be conditions that are pathological and can affect the quality of a person’s life significantly. Identifying these conditions and treating them early can prevent irreversible vision loss. Therefore, it is critical that the people-at-risk particularly the urban corporate workforce gets screened for this condition and seeks timely relief”.

Dr Sowjanya V, Consultant Ophthalmologist, LV Prasad Eye Institute. in Vijayawada says that dry eyes can be treated with the installation of frequent lubricants in the eyes and by making lifestyle changes. Diseases that have systemic association will need oral medications, mostly immunosuppressive therapy to treat the underlying condition.

Sometimes medications used for managing other health issues might have caused dry eyes and in such cases, the prescribing physician may have to change or alter your medication. Surgical options like Punctal cautery, Punctal Plugs, and other disease-specific surgeries may be required in severe cases.

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