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‘First resolve doubts over EVMs’

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PNS | Hyderabad

The BRS has opposed the remote voting system. The party will discuss with its members and will give a written reply to the Central Election Commission by January 30.
State Planning Commission Vice Chairman Boinapally Vinod Kumar said that the BRS opposes the remote voting system and that method is not appropriate for the country.

“Developed countries are abandoning the remote voting system. In a written submission to the Central Election Commission, the BRS will express its opinion. Already there are strong suspicions and campaigns that the EVMs used in elections are being hacked. The EC has not resolved them till now. Then how can we trust multi-constituency remote voting machines?” Vinod asked.

“Developed countries like the US and Britain have given up the use of electronic voting machines. The hacking of bank accounts has become routine now. Then how can we trust the votes cast in the name of a person who is abroad. Is that voter voting from there? Are you hacking? How can we know?” Vinod said.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) showcased the prototype of the remote electronic voting machine for migrant voters to representatives of political parties.
The Election Commission had called the chairpersons, presidents, and general secretaries of all national parties for a meeting on Monday.

The Election Commission invited all recognised eight national and 57 regional political parties to demonstrate the functioning of the multi-constituency prototype Remote EVM. The ECI on December 29 informed about a prototype Multi-Constituency Remote Electronic Voting Machine (RVM) which would enable them to vote from remote polling stations.
It said the inability to vote due to internal migration (domestic migrants) is one of the main reasons for the low voter turnout.

“Migration-based disenfranchisement is not an option in the age of technological advancement. The voter turnout in General Elections 2019 was 67.4 per cent and the ECI is concerned about the issue of over 30 crore electors not exercising their franchise and also the differential voter turnout in States/UTs,” the ECI said in a statement.

The Commission also solicited written views of recognised political parties by January 31 on various related issues including changes required in legislation, changes in administrative procedures and the voting method/RVM/technology, if any other, for domestic migrants, the release stated.

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