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MP urges Centre to step up in shrimp exports

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Expressing concern over the decline in shrimp exports from India, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP Galla Jayadev has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene to increase shrimp exports from India.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Galla Jayadev said that India is the world leader in seafood exports and AP, with a 39% share, is the highest producer of seafood and shrimp in the country. In 2021-22, India exported 13.69 lakh MT of seafood worth 7.76 billion dollars, an increase of 32% over 2020, and is all-time high export by value.

And, the US, with 44%, and China with 16%, are the main markets for India. But, this year, import restrictions put by China due to COVID and US importing shrimps from Ecuador really hit the aquaculture, particularly shrimp exports. Since AP is the largest producer and exporter of shrimp and also known as prawns, the aqua farmers are suffering like anything.

Fluctuations in the international market crashed the price of shrimp and exporters and processors, citing fluctuations in the international market, they reduced the price of 100 count shrimp to Rs. 160-180 per kg which is not at all viable.

The viability for a 100-count shrimp is Rs. 280. On the other hand, the price of feed has gone up. This proved to be a double whammy on aqua farmers and needs to be addressed. And, the increase in the lease price of ponds, labour cost, etc., has only added fuel to the fire.

“I request the Prime Minister to immediately intervene to hold talks with the importers of other countries and ensure that India’s aqua products are exported smoothly with remunerative prices and also request to direct MPEDA to hold meetings with Indian exporters and aqua farmers without any further delay to resolve the problems,” he said.

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