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Sri Simha: I’m not particular about new concepts and unique stories

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One of the most talked about movies, Bhaag Saale, is going to hit theaters on July 7. Ahead of the film’s release, actor Sri Simha speaks to the scribe here and discusses the film, his story selection process, and more.

K. Ramya Sree

This week, we have a couple of movies lined up for grand theatrical release, one of which is Bhaag Saale, starring Sri Simha Koduri and Neha Solanki in lead roles. The film, directed by Pranith Brahmandapally and produced by Arjun Dasyan in association with Yash Rangineni and Kalyan Singanamala, is slated for a grand release on July 7.

The movie is making even more noise because Bhaag Saale is a new genre of crime comedy and has music by Kalabhairava, who is now the most in-demand young musician in Tollywood.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Sri Simha clarified in the beginning of the interview itself that Bhaag Saale is not made to give any message to the audience but is only made to make the audience laugh when they watch it in theatres. “We have already arranged a special show for college students, and we got a terrific response from them. We are confident that this will entertain the audience but after watching their response our confidence increased,” said the actor.

The story was narrated to him long back by his director, Pranith Brahmandapally, however, it was delayed because of his prior commitments like Ustaad and Dongalunnaru Jagratha. “Fifteen versions were written before going to the sets. Pranith sees improvement in every scene and every character. That is his strength,” said Simha, who is super excited because both his films are ready for release in just a month’s gap.

Talking about Bhaag Saale, he said, “There is comedy in my previous films. But in this film, the hero’s character generates comedy. Has a comical character. I want to make films in all genres. Even though it is a crime comedy genre, it has also been made with a lot of commercial elements. We shot the film in the middle of the crowd to be natural. It caused a lot of problems. People were looking at the cameras in the middle of the shoot. We took a lot of turns with that. But it came very naturally.”

Now that he is new to the industry as an actor, selecting good scripts play a key role in defining his career, despite him coming from an established film family background. About the story selection process, he said, “If I enjoy the script while narrating, I will definitely do that film. I’m not particular about new concepts and unique stories. It just happened naturally, but I’ve enjoyed the narration of every movie I’ve made.”

He comes from the family of one of the most renowned Tollywood film fraternities, and he feels that’s a baggage for him. Sharing about the family background perks, he said, “Family background has advantages and disadvantages. It’s like a baggage. There will also be some exposure to the technicalities and other key points, which will be helpful for me as an actor. If I have doubts about the script, I take SS Rajamouli’s advice. But I will be the one to decide about doing a film. No one in our house has ever heard the story of Bhaag Saale. At home, they saw the teaser and trailer and said it was good. So I have more faith in this movie.”

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