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Top furniture trends to follow in 2023

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The need for stay-at-home and work-from-home policies brought on by the pandemic has boosted the growth of the interior and home decor industries. In the modern era, it is apparent that the most recent trends in home furnishings and decor frequently influence how we choose to refurbish or design our houses. Needless to say, a variety of elements, including colours, textures, and accessories, constantly play a crucial role in making our homes look beautiful, elegant, and stylish. But then the furniture we choose becomes the most crucial factor in this regard.

While many trends come and go, furniture styles are here to stay. Though their look may change from decade to decade, furniture is classic. As we move into 2023, there are already some furniture trends that you should be aware of. From sustainable minimalism to vibrant details, these top furniture trends by Lokendra Singh Ranawat, CEO, WoodenStreet, are sure to set the tone for the coming year. The use of natural materials, curved detailing, vintage textures, reeded details and colorful furniture pieces will be the talk of the houses in this year. For more details, read out the following:

One of the major trends we will witness in the 2023 interior designs is the use of more natural materials. Cane and jute materials will be a boon for those who want to create calm for their space while minimally impacting mother nature.

Curved and comforting
The year 2023 is all about self-compassion, and curved furniture is the best way to offer comfort while making the space feel soothing and stylish. It is proved that curved lines and shapes bring more peace to the view as they are not hard to comprehend.

Vintage textures
The classics never fall off the list. Hence bring out your vintage beauties to add some drama to your interiors. Rustic furniture offers that antique character to your space without overdoing the view. Furniture with rustic, vintage characteristics would be perfect to charm the area, especially modular interiors.

Reeded details
Another furniture trend that would be a hit this year is reeded details. Synchronised designs offer a sense of proportion to the view. The uniform look of reeded details makes the furniture more engaging without being too intricate to comprehend or harmonize in the interior.

Bring lively colours to focus
Colorful furniture is a big yes to any interior to reflect the vibe of 2023. If you worry about integrating them, simply follow your heart. Make sure not to fill the view with colors. Use the focus furniture to be the vibrant charmer of the view. Choose vibrant colors to be your highlight, a colorful lounge chair, or a rich-colored chest of drawers.

According to Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO Saraf Furniture, “A shift toward environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is one of the most significant trends we are seeing. Natural wood finishes are getting more and more popular as people look for products that won’t hurt the environment as much. In turn, there will also be a focus on designs that are more refined and simpler”.

Further he added, “People are looking for ways to bring a sense of calm into their homes, so the use of muted colors and clean lines is becoming increasingly popular.When it comes to selecting the ideal seating for any primary room or space, comfort has taken precedence as we continue to spend more time in our homes. In the new year, staying on trend will be seeking out stylish, comfortable, and functional items”.

Bringing his expertise, Ashish Aggarwal, MD, Indo Innovations, “In a similar vein, curved furniture will continue to be popular in 2023. Drama and tension are created by combining pieces with straight lines and curved silhouettes. Furniture with a nod to the past is also expected to return. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that items inspired by the past will come back in style given the recent popularity of mid-century modern design”.

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